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The horses listed below are owned by Chambourcin Spring Farm and are used in the lesson program and local shows.

Sins of Gold- Shyla

Shyla is a 14 year old, 16h palomino Appendix Quarter Horse bought by Jamie in 2007 as a weanling. Since the age of  3 she has been ridden by Beca Poff and they have been showing and winning since then. Beca will be purchasing Shyla in the summer of 2019, but she will continue to board on the farm! She is a beautiful girl with a spunky and sweet attitude. Because of her long, graceful legs and stunning palomino coloring, Shyla is an eye-catcher at the shows!

Ops Overlord- Savvy

Savvy was rescued on the 15th of December (2010) from Lebanon Valley Livestock Auction, after 79 starts, where he was dumped beccause he was no longer winning. Savvy is a 16h., 19 year old OTTB. His unique gray coloring makes him handsome when he is clean. He is a favorite lesson horse for beginners because of his calm disposition. It is hard to believe he was a race horse for 7 years!  With an incredibly smooth trot and quirky canter, Savvy has a forever home with Jamie!

 A Lil' Shot Of Vodka- Vodka

Vodka was rescued August 9th, 2010 by Jamie Cikovic from New Holland, Pa. as a skinny little girl.  She is a 15 year old black and white paint pony and the smallest resident on our farm. You will often see her and her pasture friends having races around the pond! She rides and drives and is looking for the right person to show her.


Ashley's Pal- Sangria

Sangria aka Moose, is a 17h. OTTB mare. She is 15 years old and amazes everyone with her size and kindness. She was very slow on the race track and prefers her new life as a lesson horse much more. She excels in dresssage but also loves quiet hacks around the farm with her leaser Jen. 


Made Man- M&M

M joineed the Chambourcin Spring Family as a beginner lesson horse in Novemeber 2013. He is a 16.2h OTTB gelding. After his race career ended he began showing adult amature where he was succesful until an injury laid him up. Unfortunately he will not be able to return to jumping 3ft courses, but now will enjoy a more laid back atmosphere here on the farm.

Technical Difficulties- Tek

Tek is  a 12 year old OTTB gelding that came to the farm on Mother's Day 2015 from Track to Tranquility. He was recovering from a bowed tendon and finished out his rehab in Spring. He has a puppy dog personality and a handsome face to match. He is currently full leased by Paige D and already they have qualified for Colonial Classic and won Champion in TB Hunter at Brass Ring Devon. We look forward to their future success in the show ring!

Sweet Annie- Annie
Rescued originally from Miracle for Horses Annie is a sweet draft cross. She has spent the last year trail riding, giving lessons, and being a patient riding partner to everyone who rides her . She has a sweet disposition and loves attention from children. 
Falcon is a 17.3h OTTB that was bought by Jamie on May 31st, 2018. He has recovered at the farm from a DDFT injury and thyroid cancer. He has been cancer free for over two years! He has also healed from his DDFT injury and now is part of our lesson program. We are lucky to have him. He originally came to the U.S.A from Canada, with his previous owner. She was dedicated to Falcon and still visits him time to time. Falcon has an auto change and likes going over some small
fences. Do not let his size fool you, he is a gentle giant and carries each rider around with care. 
Magic Legs- Maggie
We welcome Miss Maggie. Maggie arrived at the farm November 2019 after spending her summer re-habbing from a bowed tendon. Maggie is a 4 year old OTTB, coming to us from A Second Chance for Horses rescue in Spencer, NY. While Maggie never raced she was in training at the Finger Lakes, but her good owners decided to retire her to a second career. With only one ride under saddle since November, we are excited to see how this mare comes along this winter. 


Belle was rescued from the PA Kill Pen Network and was 4 days away from slaughter! She is a 15h QH and has finished her quarantine. She is being introduced into the lesson program and has an open lease. She has a forever home here at Chambourcin Spring Farm!

Scout (retired)
Scout was rescued by Jamie in January 2018 from the Lebanon Valley Livestock auction. He was run through the auction as a 12 year old. After seeing a vet, it turns out he is old (28-30) and has very little training!! He will spend his time now out to pasture with his companion Vodka.  
General Bellamy- Gerri
Gerri is a 9 year old OTTB, coming straight from the backside of Penn National on Valentines day weekend 2021. Runnig 63 times Gerri, a war horse, came up lame in his last race and his connections decided it was time for him to retire. He is spicy and full of himself, but we are hoping with some downtime to add him into our lease/lesson program summer 2021.

Loco Lobo- Lobo

Welcome Lobo to the family! He has already stollen the hearts of many with his sweet face and loving personality. He is a 5 year old OTTB and just finsihed rehabing an injury from racing. He has just started light work under saddle and has proven that he has a good head on his shoulders. We are excited to see Lobo transition from race horse to his new job. 


Charlie was bought by Jamie in Fall of 2020. Charlie is a 12 year old warmblood. He has many  accomplished show miles, in both the hunter and jumper rings. Dispite being a big boy, his disposition is so sweet. He will be in our lesson and show program starting 2021. 

Tambora- Bo

Bo came to us the same weekend as Gerri, Feb. 14th, 2021 from Maryland. He now has finished his rehab from a fractured sesamoid. He started back under saddle in Spring and has proven to be very level headed and quiet.  He currently is w/t/c under saddle.


Silas is a 4 year old Welsh/Morgan cross standing at 14.1h. He is now part of our lesson program and we look forward to him growing up with many wonderful lesson kids! 

Whistle- Blow the Whistle


Whislte is a 16H OTTB, who came to us in the summer of 2021 to retire. He was horse of the year 2018, winning 10 of his 13 starts. His connections at the track said he was a favorite and handled himself like a gentleman. They were right! You would never know he was a race horse as he is laid back and easy going. He has just started back under saddle, but seems like a pro already, trotting around on a loose rein and enjoying his racing retirement.  

Boarded Horses

Perfect Ice-Ice
Ice came to the farm in May of 2019 and is another Turning for Home horse. Ice is only 6 years old and comes to us finishing up his downtime for a knee chip. He is started back under saddle and is now owned by Callie. Ice is amazingly quiet and is a love bug. He is one of the nicest moving OTTB's, I ever owned. Congratulations Callie, you earned one good baby. 

Some R Conclusive Soldiers- Soldier

Soldier is a 2010 registered paint gelding. As Sarge's namesake he has already started to prove he is ready for the job. He began showing in 2012 and brough home blue's in almost every class he showed in AND was the Pennsylvania 2012 2yr. paint champion and 2013 3yr. old champion! In November of 2019, Lexi who has been leasing Soldier since he was a yearling, can now call him her own. 


Rebel and his little brother Finn joined the home farm Jan. 1st 2022. Rebel is son to Lexi's mare Fiona that she tragically lost after giving birth to a foal. He is just 1.5 years old and learning all the new things he can and doing a good job at it. He is easy to work around and very friendly. 


What a HAM! Meet our youngest and newest member to the farm, Finn. Finn is currently 7 months old, but his 7 months have not been easy. Finn was an orphaned foal born in Kentucky. After Lexi's mare lost her baby she found Finn and made the long trek to bring him home to meet his new mom Fiona in Pa. Fiona did her best to raise Finn, but with-in 2 weeks of losing her own foal she went septic and passed away. Finn was alone again at less than 2 months old. Lexi didicated her time to him and he is now a healthy 7 month old colt! 

Ur Turn Dubai- Seltzer

Seltzer joined the Chambourcin family on 11-4-12. He is a 11yr. old OTTB gelding that stands 16h. After injuring his knee on the track he spent 6mths relaxing and rehabbing out in pasture. He spent 2013 reconditioning and now is sound. He has a fantastic head set and is one of the smoothest horses on the farm to ride! He has started jumping small fences an has attended several shows where he has won many blue ribbons. Seltzer was officially adopted by his loving leaser Sam D June 1st, 2018! After many years of working together Seltzer is now Sam's riding partner! 

Second Chance- Chance

Chance is a 27 year old, 16h bay Thoroughbred gelding rescued by Jamie in October of 2007 from New Holland. Chance was the most popular lesson horse because of his loving and calm personality. From walk/trot lessons, trail riding, and showing, Chance did it all and did it very well! Chance was retired from showing at the end of the 2012 show season. He now gets to enjoy an easy life on the farm with his new owner Linda. Linda spends many days of her retired life, with her boy Chance. Linda and Chance are kind souls, and are loved by everyone! 


Red is a 25 year old QH and is our longest residing boarded horse. Red came to the farm shortly after the farm was purchased. Primarily used for western riding he is very friendly and easy to work with. He loves racing around the pastures and pesting his neighbor Soldier. This fun loving guy is someone who would always enjoy a few extra treats, but if you give him extra be sure to share some with Soldier too!

Gale Storm - Jill

Jill, another OTTB,  joined Chambourcin on December 28th, 2010 with her owner Sam. Jill is a sweetheart and is loving her new large pasture with all her pasture buddies. Jill was retired from the track at the age of 3 and only a few months later became Sam's new partner. Her pedgiree which includes, Storm Cat, Secretariat, and Man O' War, is impressive. She now enjoys life on the trails with Sam!

Cool Consigliere- Siglie

Siglie joined the farm on October 18th, 2011. He is a 16.3h,  OTTB gelding. Jamie purchased him through New Vocations Horse Adoption. While he was a race horse he survived surgery and a second breakdown on the track all before his 4th birthday! After reconditioning him in 2012 and attending a few local shows, Siglie has proved he is a winner in the ring and our hearts! Siglie was purchased by Rachel Lee and her family and remains on the farm as a boarder. 


Malaki, aka Slim was originally rescued by a group of caring Chambourcin Spring Farm members on May 31st, 2016 from Moore's auction. He came to us skin and bone, scratches, rain rot over his entire body, an upper respitory infection, feet full of abcesses..and the list goes on. From day one he knew he had been saved. He is incredibly kind and easy to work around.  He is now healthy and loving life on the farm with his friends. He was given to Miss Deb and together they are healing after both have had tramatic past experiences. He is loved, cared for and spoiled by Deb! 


We finally have another paint on the farm. She is a sweet gaited mare that likes to say hello to the horses grazing in the yard. Her owner Katie spends her summers home from college teaching Dixie all types of fun things. 

Mary Jane- M.J.


MJ, as she is called around the farm, is adored by her mom Megan. MJ travelled here from the Dakota's from a well know breeder of QH's. She is  only 3 years old, but you would never know it! She is as calm as they come. Her disposition is sweet and she loves to go on trails or just hang out riding around the farm. 




Horses for Lease

Updated: 1-12-22


Vodka- 11h paint pony, w/t/c and loves jumping. For a small intermediate rider. Full or partial lease. 


Gerri- 9 year old, came off the track in Feb. He is started back w/t/c  under saddle at this time. Interm. rider.







Sarge & Skellie

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Dedicated to my two best friends...Sarge & Skellie. You will be missed.

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