Chambourcin Spring Farm
Chambourcin Spring Farm


Chambourcin Spring Farm has three different boards to offer at three different prices. Stall and pasture board offers all of the following to your horse:

  • Hay twice a day. Grass/Timothy mix and Alfalfa 
  • Grain twice a day. Brandt's Feed 12/8 and Empower Rice Bran
  • Pasture/Turnout  
  • Fresh water
  • Shelter
  • Worming (add. cost)
  • Scheduling of Blacksmith
  • Access to riding rings
  • Access to trails
  • The peace of mind that your horse is being cared for properly


Stall Board - Includes a stall for your horse/pony with feeding of grain and hay twice a day with turnout in a pasture. Stalls are cleaned every day and fresh water is given twice a day. 


Horses are turned out everyday unless it is raining. Turnout time ranges from 4 hrs a day to 8 hrs. Turnout times change with weather and temperature.



Monthly Fee for Stall Board: $400  effective Jan.1, 2018


Pasture Board - Includes a run-in for your horse/pony to protect from

the elements with feeding of grain and hay twice a day with turnout in a pasture. The run-in includes a large stonedusted paddock so your horse/pony will be able to stretch their legs at any time. Run-ins and paddocks are cleaned every day and the large water buckets are refilled twice a day.   

                                                                                                                        Monthly Fee for Pasture Board: $360 effective Jan.1, 2018


Pony Board: Includes 2 run-in sheds, one bedded down with straw in the winter. Also includes hay 2x a day and grain 1x a day and turnout in the large pasture around the pond.


Monthly Fee for Pony Board: $150  





Sarge & Skellie

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Dedicated to my two best friends...Sarge & Skellie. You will be missed.

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